Zombies Line of Defense - TD v1.3 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 19 + 128 MB
Category: Strategy

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Zombies Line of Defense - TD v1.3 + Data

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Zombies: Line of Defense - TD v1.3 is a strategy game where you have different weapons, hook Ramby to disintegrate. We is hungry zombies attack! Put the gun intelligent in the way of zombies, upgrade weapons and soldiers Mjhr it the best weapons, the base of the people living in it is protected. Game Zombies: Line of Defense - TD zombies is hungry for your blood! in this game you will be faced together waves of zombies. Enjoy the fight together zombies and wipe off the zombies. The more advanced your defensive strategy, it does not depend upon bullets to kill the zombies just before the zombies eat your brain, kill them.

Some features of the game Zombies Zombies: Line of Defense unfetter Android:
▣ unfetter zones play in a variety of places, including the United States of America
▣ Use survivors to form a powerful army
▣ wide variety of weapons to put upon track zombies
▣ clean all areas of zombies and advance levels
▣ wide range of different zombies to eliminate
▣ designed to be fully HD together excellent sound

- zombies line of defense td data for android wap.

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