WomanLog Pro Calendar v2.1.6


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 06/01/2015 - 11:30
Size: 11.35 MB
Category: Tools

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WomanLog Pro Calendar v2.1.6

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WomanLog Pro Calendar v2.1.6 menstrual and fertility calendar for women. All the main functions is accessible via the calendar. Tap together your finger upon the calendar date, you can add and modified the settings for each day. do your phone to landscape mode and 3-month summary upon 1 screen will switch. Anticipated day of menstruation, ovulation and fertility should be viewed as theoretical predictions which may be the actual day of menstruation, ovulation and fertility do not conform understood.

Regular version's features WomanLog Pro Calendar:
✣ cycle menstrual period
✣ predict ovulation and fertility
✣ Show Summary 3 months by turning the page in landscape mode
✣ having BMT chart
✣ protected together encryption software upon it
✣ backup
✣ sequence of weight
✣ menstrual symptoms
✣ tablets useful for the course
✣ modes period
✣ having several different themes
✣ notes
✣ Show Stats
✣ having a dedicated widget

Peru and the money's version features:
✲ Calendar Round
✲ luteal phase
✲ date of ovulation
✲ state and bowel (29)
✲ monitor the mucus (phlegm), cervix
✲ Nvtyfykyshn to menstruation, weight, BMT, the contraceptive pill, multivitamin, ovulation and ...
✲ weekly cycle (send PDF file to an email)
✲ Note + Event time + Reminder
✲ moon phase
✲ ovulation test
✲ pregnancy test
✲ blood pressure
✲ widget (2)
✲ no ads

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