WhatsMapp Solo v1.2.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 06/01/2015 - 11:20
Size: 29.81 MB
Category: Communication

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WhatsMapp Solo v1.2.0

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Solo map Watts program WhatsMapp Solo v1.2.0 another applications to use the Watts up two accounts upon android-os by android-os goth tested. If you remember earlier version was WhatsMapp had introduced to Last. Solo map you can install Watts in addition to the features of the original, great feature such as hide Visitors, blue tick Hide, hide typing, etc. have to hide the check. WhatsMapp Solo addition, the program features Watts previous maps, new features to it also is capable of.

Some of the features and capabilities WhatsMapp Solo android-os app:
✤ You can turn off the option to Show Visitors
✤ possible to disable and hide the blue tick, tick and two ...
✤ Hide Typing options when typing text!
✤ have several to choose your own icons
✤ has powerful function AntiBan code to prevent closure
✤ Watts up additional options to change password, change the color of chat ballons etc.
✤ easy installation and trouble-free in the original program

Note that the download zip file contains two versions of the program that version Stock Emoji is emoticons stocks and Google Emoji is emoticons Google made ​​that you can install 1 of them and the same together no.

- whatsmapp solo for android wap.

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