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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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WhatsFapp v1.05

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WhatsFapp v1.05 program for the installation of three accounts Watts Watts Fp up for the first time in the Persian-language sites have been published in Goth Android
Waiting for your copy of the liberate of the software upon another sites

Watts's application for the use of the account Fp WhatsFapp v1.05 (numbers) in the ultra-popular messenger WhatsApp Messenger , which has been recently published and available to users. By installing this application you can hook up to three Watts account upon your phone experience and leave behind the limitations of the original version. This is the mechanism that allows you to program Vatsfp 2 account WhatsApp + Reborn and Watts-up an account upon the phone or tablet core simultaneously you. So if you need through a few Watts-up account access, we recommend that you install applications Vatsfp upon the phone or tablet.

Features WhatsFapp:
To hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, Typing for groups & contact
Show Statistics Department
Preview photos and videos
The possibility of having two WhatsApp + Reborn account and an account of Watts-up
The theme of boys' and girls
The addition of anti-Ben code
Unlocking all the features of WhatsApp + Reborn

FAQ Add accounts:

1. Watts-up the original Goth download and install Android. Download here Click.
2. The first issue of using registers and register it.
3. slightly (3.2 times) and the backup you chatting together a friend.
4. All the "APP INFO" Watts-up and select the "CLEAR DATA" option.
5. At this point (WhatsFapp (com.whatsfapp to install and enter the first issue and recover the backup created in step 3. Now the numbers have been registered.
6. All Watts-up and re-open the record and register the second number. This number had a little chat and your backup.
7. All acted as stage 4 and the "APP INFO" Watts-up and select the "CLEAR DATA" option.
8. At this stage (WhatsFupp (cum.whatsfapp to install and enter the second number. Then the backup taken in step 6 to reset it. Now, the second number is recorded and registered.
9. At the end of the Watts-up using the registration number and register their third.

Now you have two main-up account whatsapp + reborn and Watts have an account.

- whatsfapp for android wap.

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