WhatsApp Plus Reborn v1.66b


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 24 MB
Category: Communication

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WhatsApp Plus Reborn v1.66b

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WhatsApp + Reborn v1.66b version software mode Watts Live Messenger together multiple additional functions.
You can find lots of colors, sizes and multiple another visual modes change. Media can load limits (limit 16 MB) to upload music files or videos upon a large increase. You can increase the quality of the images (default quality is much reduced resolution), you can share your music together just a click. You can chat together your contacts profile pictures (in the style of Facebook Messenger). You can hide the contact pictures and images of the phone book it easier to display, it has a display and download the theme: Themes Czech users online and apply whichever you like.

Note: Watts Up Plus was already blocked by the manufacturer and the closure of the accounts of users who abuse the Watts Up Plus was used. Now revised version is supplied together WhatsApp Plus ReBorn your account is not blocked.

Installation Guide:
1- Whatsapp open, go to Settings → Chat Settings → Backup Conversations.
2- Whatsapp delete.
3- WhatsApp + to download and install.
4. Open it and click AGREE & CONTINUE button and enter your number.
5. If you already have a backup of your chat should be recover BUTTON button, press it.
(If a message Your application is unofficial Download in play store get> WhatsApp + current to remove and install Whatsapp official copy> operation verification (verification) do> together 1-2 people chat> Chat and backup Take> Whatsapp delete key> WhatsApp + recover button you definitely will have to install)
6. Drink a cup of coffee or tea because it may take some time ... After the Continue button.
7. Congratulations, you've successfully installed WhatsApp +! Now you can experience multiple more features.

- whatsapp plus reborn b for android wap.

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