What's My IQ? PRO 1.08


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 22.07 MB
Category: Brain & Puzzle

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What's My IQ? PRO 1.08


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Be sure to ask for you to come forward is how smart or IP Qt how. What's My IQ? PRO 1.08 A new brain teasers together a series of puzzles, creative solutions unreasonable never thought it so do you! Each puzzle is unique and creative thinking pushes you to the end. Play what's My IQ? Among the top twenty countries in the world intellectual games. Play this puzzle is solved, but you have to solve puzzles to find the right solution quickly find a solution available for you to better determine IQ. Each puzzle has a unique solution and must be creative. together your friends or home held a contest to determine the intelligence to play to tell you who is the best IQ. If you need to test your IQ and Hvshytan factor and the number of Albert Einstein's IQ or even the smartest person in the world to compare this game to lose. Perhaps you only intelligent people in the world, but you do not understand yourself. This new puzzle game, at the end of the day and gives you an IQ score can be notified of your creativity. Ask your friends and home to try it out

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