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Update: 08/27/2015 - 06:00
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No doubt you ever heard the name wechat WeChat This program is 1 of the best and mostly popular Instant produced for the android-os operating system and will allow you to chat together your friends. More than 300 million users worldwide have benefited in the program. To find out you just shake your phone. Note that a specific option upon the instant that it would separate its competitors, and it is capable of choosing that option can people who is found indoors 5 km of the Messenger and the send a friend request. It should also be noted that the main feature of this program include the ability to send text messages, send emoticons, share pictures, videos and add contacts as we chat user was added.

Some of the features WeChat android-os Messenger:
* Ability to chat together friends for high quality audio
* HD video chat
* Ability to chat as a group
* Having fun emoticons
* Share images and files together friends
* Add friends to your contact list by shaking the phone
* bolster for 18 languages



- Add artist works upon Sticker Gallery (China only)
- The new profile page, you can add and dial the phone number upon this page
- Improve the place information page.

- wechat rcf for android wap.

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