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Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 07/21/2015 - 00:10
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Weather Timeline - Forecast

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Weather Timeline - Forecast new application to display the atmospheric condition that has been released by the programmer named Sam Ruston and together an excellent rating of 4.8 users was very good received. What is the strength of this program is to show the weather in the time line is, accordingly, you'll be able to easily Weather for hours, days and weeks to see the future. This program is designed as a very beautiful interface, for example to illustrate the different climatic conditions similar to the conditions of use of colors, which in itself is very functional and beautiful.
another practical tips for climate prediction program in the months and years ahead, which is unique of its kind, in addition to the complete archive of weather in the past few decades is that enthusiasts can of climate change Over the years they have seen.

Features Weather Timeline - Forecast:
Stylish design
The use of colors to reflect the climate
Time Line suggest using to display information
Forecasts weather in the months and years ahead,
When the approach of bad weather and storm warnings


Changes in version

Back by popular demand, time machine! (Other time machine has be renamed to peek)
Usual round of error fixes
Option to disable animation of precipitation intensity
Option to remove grid layout upon tablets

- weather timeline forecast for android wap.

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