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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Weather Timeline - Forecast

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Weather Timeline - Forecast new application to display the weather, which was recently published by the programmer by the name of Sam Ruston and earn excellent 4.8 users have been welcomed very well. What is the strength of this program, display the weather is a time-line, upon this basis, you'll be able to easily predict the weather for hours, days and weeks to see the future. The interface of the program is very beautifully designed, for example, to show the different colors of the same atmospheric conditions, which in itself application beautiful.
another useful feature of this program is to predict the weather in the months and years ahead, which is unique in its kind, in addition to the archive of weather in the past decade the climate in which Interested can types Over the years they have seen.

Features Weather Timeline - Forecast:
Elegant and stylish design
The use of colors to reflect the current climate
Time Line for rational utilization of information
Predicting the weather in the months and years ahead
When the approach of bad weather and storm warnings

- weather timeline forecast for android wap.

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