Vignette 2015.04


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 1.44 MB
Category: Photography

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Vignette 2015.04

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name editing software for android-os phones is that you will be able to use a lot of features to customize the images to your favorite. Using this software, you can add effects to your images beautifully. Vignette to allow users to very nice effect upon your images. The software has a very attractive and spectacular effects that put them upon the pictures, will result in the beauty of the images to be doubled. Vignette is located in the beautiful frame that you can use them around your images. This framework makes the photo more beautiful you are. As good as another tools in this software is included so that users can modified them using their own images and pictures as good as upon according to their own personal customized.
This application also means the camera is capable of including a digital zoom, timer, time, etc. This tool can be so professional and take great pictures together your phone. Vignette photos you take together a very high quality and is stunning. Finally, you can share photos upon social networks built.

Some features Vignette · photo effects · ad-free android-os app:
✔ Style Retro / vintage
✔ toy camera styles LOMO / Diana / Holga
✔ instant camera styles
✔ Cross-process, duotone, charcoal, tilt-shift, etc.
✔ Photo-booth and double-exposure
✔ Touch to Focus
✔ Ashtrag share together another users of your stored personal effects Vignette
✔ New Shuffle eventual effects
✔ Motion to Modify
✔ take pictures together full resolution of your camera, even together the effects
✔ Use flash and front camera upon mostly devices
✔ Self-timer mode, time passed and fixed Shot
✔ 10x digital zoom
✔ 21 times optical zoom, the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100
✔ Store place in pictures (Geotag)
✔ Use the volume button as a shutter button
✔ modified imported pictures
✔ on-screen controls to display, zoom, flash and interchangeable camera
✔ implementation of the lock screen upon android-os 4.0+
✔ Remote Shutter Remote Control Bluetooth or wired headset Sony Ericsson LiveView
✔ date and time stamp together the image size, color and customizable format
✔ Composition guides Golden Ratio
✔ optimized for taking pictures underwater
✔ Share photos through third-party applications

- vignette for android wap.

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