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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Viber Free Calls  Messages

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It's enough Viber Viber: unfetter Calls & Messages for lovers chat is known, the introduction of this program will be unpleasant. Several applications have been submitted for a chat upon the android-os operating system that each have their advantages and disadvantages. Viber is undoubtedly 1 of the mostly popular Apps in this area. About 200 million Viber user is unfetter to chat, call and send audio messages. Viber is compatible together mostly platforms and smart Fvnha and is optimized for use upon tablets too. Viber, your phone number upon your ID. This application has a list of contacts and friends that have Viber sink is used.

Features Viber:
Contact and unfetter audio and video quality
100 user group chat
Send emoticons and amazing animated feature
Share photos, videos, place and voice messages
Drawing pictures and sending capabilities
rapid response capability
Integration together firmware that makes it easier to share images gallery
Ability to send a message to Offline
bolster for multiple languages

- viber free calls messages for android wap.

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