Ulysse Speedometer Pro 1.9.12


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.53 MB
Category: Tools

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Ulysse Speedometer Pro 1.9.12

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Ulysse Speedometer Pro 1.9.12 is best speedometer for Android. By the application and speed using GPS will be able to see the different units. Ulysse Speedometer Pro Despite the $ 1.99 price very good score of 4.7 upon the Google acquisition is made.
Ulysse Speedometer Pro's capabilities for multiple applications (please see under all the features of the program) is among the proposals GetAndroid guest.

Features Ulysse Speedometer Pro:
High accuracy using GPS speed measurement
Display of speed in miles, kilometers and knots
bolster up to 1900 km
Create different profiles
Remember path
Show rate in a window while working together another Apps
The possibility of rapid change speed units, activate HUD (like the ability to display information upon the windshield in modern cars)
Average speed display together touch Compass program
Audio and visual warning at high speed
Having compass
Profile height using GPS
Ability to HUD (display information upon the windshield by placing the phone in it)
find the address of your presence
Calculate the average speed of your trip
And a quarter-mile acceleration measured 100-0 (For those interested in speed and acceleration)
Feature is very useful to calculate and display the Trip Meters, destination, speed, distance traveled, current, daily, weekly,
Monthly total
Personalize User Interface
bolster Dock
Battery status display
To run in the background
Showing speed in the Status Bar (Status Bar)

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