Udacity 1.3.5


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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Udacity 1.3.5

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Free download Udacity lets you learn programming with ease. You can now download Udacity for android 1.3.5 from the Google Play Store.You can learn HTML, CSS, College Algebra, Algorithms and each n everything regarding programming. You can learn it and take a quiz to test your skills by sitting from a coffee shop. You just want your android device. We have the Udacity 1.3.5 APK for download as well for those who can’t download from the Google Play Store. Download Udacity 1.3.5 APK: You can download the APK file of Udacity 1.3.5 from the link given below: NOTE: This app requires your android device to be atleast on android 4.1 and up for this app to work! Changes from Udacity This are what the new Udacity 1.3.5 offers from this release: Hello Udacians! As programmers ourselves, we wanted to add a feature that would help us out too. one thing I have gotten lots of value from are being exposed to excellent articles on relevant programming topics. To that end, we have added “Your Feed”, a way for you to receive content, tips and messages delivered straight to the Udacity app.   As you can read above, lots of changes from this update. Which of these did you like the most? Let us know from the comments below! For those who make not know to install an APK manually, we have a tutorial for them on the next page. Udacity for android Features: Join our 1.5 million other students today and learn programming and big data to advance your knowledge and career from programming. Udacity courses are taught by industry experts from Facebook, Google, Cloudera and MongoDB.
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