UC Browser 10.2.0 build 168


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 14.28 MB
Category: Communication

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UC Browser 10.2.0 build 168

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Yossi browser UC Browser 10.2.0 build 168 is 1 of the best and fastest android-os browser. application configuration compatible together a variety of settings, allowing the browser upon your point of view and in terms of network connectivity, adjust. It does not compress the data, resulting in faster page loading speed will be. The opportunity to share what you likable upon Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus together a homely button, give voice commands to the touch Polydactyly, offering suggestions as you type in the find bar and night mode for working in dark places, the characteristics of program. The browser has a history for your website that you is entering the store and web site address is required to enter again next time there is the website if you users Nkhvastyd can you enter the browser and settings history or cache simply delete it. The browser user interface is homely and beautiful. The browser that is updated every time you update the look and speed and it goes higher. Also, the ability of the software to compress Town web pages to speed up loading of the website, bolster the Tab is capable of displaying Web pages in both full and mobile-Search advanced have, Save web pages and website, the ability to manage files and so on.

Some of the features and capabilities of UC Browser for android-os android app:
- Easy to load all the pages of blogs and websites
- bolster for Vox to put audio controls
- Download administrator has a professional and fully customizable
- When entering text in the address bar auto-complete address
- Night mode for reading and viewing pages in the dark
- Sharing pages upon social networks
- Download administrator together high speed and the ability to share downloaded files and download links
- Failure to stop downloading even if you plan upon
- Ability to scan QR codes for quick access to information
- Optimization of the input url
- Optimized GUI Homepage
- Optimize DNS for speed network connection
- Fixed a error in the pages of Wikipedia and CNN
- Fixed a error in the text box upon Gmail and Facebook
- application servers to compress Web pages more quickly
- Low volume, resulting in a lower cost of Internet Data Exchange
- bolster Tab is
- Supports two-finger Zoom
- Display of two full pages and mobile
- Advanced find
- bolster the Bookmark
- Save web pages

- uc browser build for android wap.

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