UberSocial PRO for Twitter v3.2.2.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/26/2015 - 00:12
Size: 7.32 MB
Category: Communication

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UberSocial PRO for Twitter v3.2.2.0

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UberSocial PRO for Twitter v3.2.2.0 another apps to connect to social networks Twitter and account management that the company UberMedia Inc is published and available. You may ask yourself what is required in another clients to use social networks? The answer is that the numerous capabilities of their clients, to bring greater ease and convenience. The introduction of these applications come you will become an octopus together eight Swiss knife! 1 of the key features of this application allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, which in itself is very Karbrdyst and you will not need input and output straight to their accounts.

Features UberSocial PRO for Twitter:
do a list of preferred users to quickly view their tweets
Ability to mute (Mute) hash tags or users for certain period of time
Personalize Menus for easier and faster access to desired parts
Ability to send tweets to Facebook and G-chat
bolster for multiple accounts simultaneously
Tweets and replies likable chat conversation
View images, videos and links in Timeline
Ability to refresh by shaking the phone
Having a diverse and beautiful themes

- ubersocial pro for twitter for android wap.

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