Tweetings for Twitter 7.9.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 05/19/2015 - 04:21
Size: 10.93 MB
Category: Communication

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Tweetings for Twitter 7.9.0

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Tweetings for Twitter 7.9.0 - Twitter is 1 of the mostly popular and mostly famous social network in which only 1 should have to answer that you do it in 140 characters, the mini Blagynyg! Twitter Khlyy members to friends and Hmkaratvn important member of Barack Obama to Halyvrd famous actors and singers! You do not need anything you couch upon Twitter, if you have an interesting article you read upon the web, you can mention it in your Twitter page, or if you encounter any problem in its android-os mobile solutions do not fix it couch as if professional upon Twitter understand that you can communicate together you to help you hook to your Reply!

Some of the features and capabilities Tweetings for Twitter android-os app:
✭ Ability to upload your photos to place upon the page via Twitter
✭ Ability to customize, edit, apply various filters to the photos
✭ Geotagging is rapid easy and your users
✭ allow the photo to your Twitter or edited and changed by the user
✭ you can enable or disable your users and user retweets
✭ Remove Tweets and direct messages and another functions such as bolster in list
✭ having a user interface very easy and cobras class general management upon account


Changes in version 7.9.0:

+ When retweeting together a comment, show the original tweet in the compose screen
- Better look to tweet preview upon replying
+ Managing lists a user is subscribed to is now easier in the user profile
- Tapping a hashtag in the reply view upon compose would not insert the # only the text of the hashtag
- Double tap to zoom upon image viewer

- tweetings for twitter for android wap.

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