Traffic Racer 1.8


Author: Dr. Chaz Luettgen II
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: N/A
Category: Racing

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Traffic Racer 1.8

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Free download Drive your car from the middle of the traffic without hitting your car. An addictive game for time killing. You can now download Traffic Racer for android 1.8 from the Google Play Store. You can choose your car from 21 different cars and can race from four different environments such as suburb, city night, snowy, desert.You can score 2X cash from city night. Tilt or touch to steer and touch the gas button to speed up and brake button to prevent from crashing. Drive through four different games modes. We have the Traffic Racer 1.8 APK for download as well for those who can’t download from the Google Play Store. Download Traffic Racer 1.8 APK: You can download the APK file of Traffic Racer 1.8 from the link given below: NOTE: This app requires your android device to be atleast on android 2.3.3 and up for this app to work! Changes from Traffic Racer 1.8.0: This are what the new Traffic Racer 1.8 offers from this release: - Added 2 new cars - Added horn (can be disabled) - Added new control mode: Analog Slider - Added fire effect for the second exhaust if available - City night now gives 2x cash - Adjusted HUD button sizes for different resolutions - The models of some cars are updated - Traffic reacts better to horn/headlamp - Fixed distance calculation - Ambulance drives faster (if road are empty) - Optimised app size - Lots of bug fixes and improvements As you can read above, lots of changes from this update. Which of these did you like the most? Let us know from the comments below! For those who make not know to install an APK manually, we have a tutorial for them on the next page. Traffic Racer for android Features: Traffic Racer are a milestone from the genre of endless arcade racing. Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers from the global leaderboards.
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