Township 1.11.0 Full Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 12 + 64 MB
Category: Strategy

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Township 1.11.0 Full Data

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Township 1.11.0 farmer fun game for android-os by Playrix Games Inc. playmaking published and is freely available to anyone interested. in this simulation game, you have to create your own farm and grow a variety of crops to be busy. It is essential for the various facilities and supply the necessary facilities and a mechanized planting and harvesting your own products. together the progress of the game and you can expand your sales and build a cafe, cinema and various buildings to create a hub of agriculture-tourism. is you ready to achieve your dream? Install the game and answer the call!

The game features Township:
Create spectacular buildings and monuments
Possible to grow a variety of organic products
There is interesting characters in the game
Easy game control
Create a similar building real examples (like the Statue of Liberty and large Ben)
There is an interesting animations together excellent sound
Ability to communicate and share products together friends upon Facebook

Important note:

Note that the user's Internet connection is required to run the game.

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