Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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TouchPal - unfetter Emoji Keyboard rapid and unfetter keyboard for android-os platform by developers CooTek (same TouchPal) has entered the competition. The keyboard is also equipped together bolster for over 70 popular languages ​​including Farsi, has managed to attract 150 million users worldwide. The keyboard is too cute features and innovations that prize Mobile Innovation Global Award (Mobile Innovation Global Award) also accounted for. likable SwiftKey Keyboard together Smart Touch Paul also used the words typed and remember to use them to predict the future. There is also the possibility of using different gestures that can use them for rapid typing. This keyboard has called TouchPal X Keyboard was introduced that we've introduced also the name of the service's users.

Features TouchPal - unfetter Emoji Keyboard:
Supporting over 70 languages ​​including Farsi,
Having a Twitter plugin
To predict multiple languages ​​simultaneously
Kybvrdmtr and tachometer
View a larger letters
Supports more than 900 Emoji
The possibility of using different gestures
Ability to create the backup of the data word

- touchpal for android wap.

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