Total Conquest v1.9.0t


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 31 MB
Category: Strategy

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Total Conquest v1.9.0t

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Total Conquest v1.9.0t combat and strategy games online is a product of the company Gameloft. For control of the Roman Empire, the legions of online players join the battle! Total Conquest an exciting and strategic social game in which you is developing a Roman governor of the city and its army. To defeat the enemy, guard their lands and reign supreme need of joining a legion (legion) is powerful. Woe to the vanquished!

Build a strong Roman province
√ Build and manage the city its unique
√ defend your city together towers, traps, walls, gates, and the garrison units

Heroic Fight
√ hiring, training and promotion of 10 different unit types, each together a specific role
√ challenge others and become a master of combat
√ battle players in around the world and lead your army to victory

Create Unstoppable Legion
√ Invite Facebook + Google
√ creating or joining a legion of powerful players and invigorate another members
√ coordination together its allies to win the war of the Legion
√ Legion struggle to increase their rankings and earn large rewards
√ comparing their ratings upon + Google or online game

For fans of social games unfetter strategy games army / military, or anyone who enjoys a good online campaign.
Battle you prepare for war, and enjoy hours of fun!

* Available upon smartphones and tablets.

- total conquest t for android wap.

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