Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager 3.0.4


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager 3.0.4

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If you is interested then we offer a soccer team administrator Gary game Top Eleven Be a Soccer administrator 3.0.4 lose. The game is a football result, you should try to manage your team hook good results. The time has come to put to the test and for coaching the team raised its world famous coach likable Mourinho ready to play! The majority of work in the real world of football, the coach is responsible for the game's top players Alun simulation and enter the exciting world of coaching. Set lineups, select the color and appearance of the players wear, buy and sell players is just some of the tasks that must be done as a coach in the game Top Eleven. More than 80 countries is included in this game and the user is unfetter to do as a team Brgznyd together another users upon the Internet to engage in healthy competition.
The original version of the online game based upon the original design and enter the details to connect servers and in your phone and your computer's browser to be able to manage your team. Regarding the comments upon the Internet and a score of 4.5 / 5 Google bridge, the best and mostly realistic game Top Eleven're coaching, so that all transfers is done during the new update, and the real player will work. Relative to teach players the skills needed in this area, you otherwise have the time to try and hook familiar together the profession to become coach raised in the virtual world. in addition to training in Top Eleven players have to practice hard and have the potential to purchase an affordable price talented players, the best thing is to progress in the game.

Features Sports Top Eleven Be a Soccer administrator Android:
- Send and receive gifts together things such as bolster for people together skills and Scores
- Ability to play together friends and challenge them to a friendly and exciting games
- Buy and sell players to raise funds for the club or participating in auctions
- The purchase of items such as clothing and symbols highlighted by the player and your club
- Build and upgrade the stadium to build a stadium and your players to enter it
- Sales of top players, or those who can help you reach the top!
- Fully customizable together the name of your club, dress, and even customize the player Nationality
- Supports 35 languages ​​including English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, etc.


Note that:

Top Eleven game is done online and MTN SIM card and mobile Internet works.

- top eleven be a soccer manager for android wap.

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