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Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/07/2015 - 03:45
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To-Do Calendar Planner

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To-Do Calendar Planner a great calendar application together unique features for android-os devices by studio Timleg for unfetter together payment in-app at Google made ​​the offer. By the Calendar application upon your mobile, you can have your daily routine and forget about them and concentrate upon another work will bring balance to your life.

Some of the features and functionality of android-os apps To-Do Calendar Planner:
▣ create a powerful list of tasks to bolster the work of the collective
▣ enjoy a full calendar of daily, weekly, monthly and agenda
▣ add and define your personal goals to applications
▣ possible to create and set multiple reminders for tasks
▣ division of tasks to subtasks for easier management
▣ Use a daily journal to keep track of their excellent
▣ Ability to schedule your tasks directly in the dedicated Calendar
▣ guard your data together a password to prevent others in accessing
▣ possible to export all your data in a CSV file format
▣ do a voice recording and attach them to your tasks

- todo calendar planner for android wap.

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