Tiny Guardians v1.0.3 + Mod + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 15 + 168 MB
Category: Strategy

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Tiny Guardians v1.0.3 + Mod + Data

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Tiny Guardians v1.0.3 Persian guard to small and fills up a strategy game for android-os devices is a twist. Prepare yourself for a unique adventure game and the game is done to ease the process. Lunalie our best to work and save and guard them. Resistant against your enemies and then destroy them. Be careful of wild animals in the game, because it is a place you will attack. guard your towers and do not let enemies. If Little Soldier Playstation 1 game to remember, you will likable this game. For gameplay, this game is designed just likable a little soldier gameplay. Fights and special events to see and challenge the president and chairman of the dispute between the employer and see together your own eyes. Strategies to improve and enhance it. The game is designed as a three-dimensional graphics.

Some features of android-os strategy game Tiny Guardians:
* 12 different classes for the keepers together the ability to upgrade
* Over 40 different types of enemies to defeat
* Special events, exciting and unique in every level
* Two story mode and challenge together different difficulty levels for each level
* bolster for Google to sink and storage Achievements
* HD graphics and great sound + Excellent Touch Controllers

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