Tango Text, Voice, and Video 3.13.125497


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 25.8MB
Category: Communication

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Tango Text, Voice, and Video 3.13.125497

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Tango Text, Voice, and Video 3.13.125497 unfetter application tango, popular and powerful in the field of audio and video calls for android-os is that it makes it possible to supply that together your friends anywhere in the world which is of the highest quality possible to do voice calls, video, and text upon your page. It supports all WiFi connection, 3Jy, 4Jy and supported upon all phones and tablets android-os and can be installed and used it to Svrn unfetter (apart in the cost of the Internet) is.

The main feature of Tango Tango:
No login and password to create your account in seconds advice
Easy to find friends who use the tango.
Calls and messages similar to telephone calls and messages
Can be used in mostly tablets and smart Fvnha and Computers
High quality video and audio calls upon 3g and 4g and Wi Fi
Group chat to 50 users
When used together an animated chat
Ability to play and share photos while chatting
unfetter voice and video calls and messages

- tango text voice and video for android wap.

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