Talon for Twitter (Plus) 2.5.4


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 7.12 MB
Category: Communication

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Talon for Twitter (Plus) 2.5.4

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Talon for Twitter (Plus) 2.5.4 new version of Twitter client application for android-os Talvn that shortly after the introduction of the new version of the popular operating system named Lollipop (Lalypap) and by the company's 5.0 software code published Klinker Apps. The new version of the application for compatibility together android-os 5.0 wide changes in its user interface, including the changes can be very beautiful interface, adding a pleasant and animated smoothly and it's perfect.
If you is active users of social networks likable Twitter through your android-os device complete management of your Twitter account, we recommend you install this application.

Features of Talon for Twitter (Plus):
Show Time online at android-os
Tweets spread directly in Time Line
Nvtyfykyshn system dynamics
Popup feature program
Supports the iOS emoji
Having Tweetmarker
Twitter pictures, Aynstagram and another in-line photo services
Thumbnail display YouTube videos is in-line
Players interior YouTube videos
Internal browser
Proper use of screen space

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