Talking ABC 1.00


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 07/15/2015 - 03:35
Size: 2 MB
Category: Simulation

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Talking ABC 1.00

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Talking ABC 1.00 is a very useful and productive educational games for android-os phones and Tablet software by companies Hey Clay has been released and is available to users. The game (or program) is 1 of the best in the field of education and the grassroots children's English alphabet has been praised multiple of the sites and various authorities. The game environments and characters designed to fully comply together the desire to entertain their children's education ABC. Each of the letters presented together audio pronunciations, and together the touch of a switch to an interesting animal, which can be very attractive for children.
If there is parents likable their children to hook acquainted early together the English language, we recommend Talking ABC installed upon android-os devices, and in this way begin to teach you the English alphabet.

Features Talking ABC:
▣ attractive learning all the letters in English
▣ beautiful design characters
▣ two to learn
▣ having the alphabet song
There is different animals together engaging animations ▣
▣ user interface appropriate for children
▣ unique sound character
▣ There is 6 different training game
▣ compatible together retina quality pages

- talking abc for android wap.

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