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Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Personalization

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Swype Keyboard

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Swype Keyboard keyboard for popular operating system Android, which is published by the company Nuance Communications Inc and has been interested in the price of $ 0.99. The keyboard, which praised the sites and publications together more than 250 million users, is 1 of the mostly popular is the Apps. The main feature of this keyboard - as is clear in its name - that allows you to type characters by drawing upon pay and do not have to likable your finger is removed in the screen and do not touch the letters separately,. Of course, the ability to recognize words you formed and is constantly getting smarter, words used in database applications that can record and store the data in the database to another devices to always have common words you. another interesting point is having a tablet for, in this case upon both sides of the page (below left and right hand) can easily be arranged together your hands to type. I should also mention I also noticed that the Persian language also supports Swype Keyboard.

Features Swype Keyboard:
There is various themes
bolster for two languages ​​simultaneously
Ability to customize up
To backup the personal vocabulary and sink it together another devices

- swype keyboard for android wap.

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