Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) 2.0.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 3.96 MB
Category: Personalization

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Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) 2.0.2

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Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) 2.0.2 software is 1 of the best and mostly accurate prediction of the moon and the sun, which has been released for Android. together this program you can easily and without any special knowledge to predict the position of the sun and moon, interactive maps and details See Patent and a three-dimensional compass upon your android-os phone. This application is the top rating in the android-os Market, 1 of the mostly popular and mostly accurate software to predict the position of the sun and moon. This feature allows you to select a different time zone can be identified by the user or automatically, display the exact time of sunrise and sunset, the exact details, display the information above sea level, of the shadow, the rise of months, and the having A beautiful three-dimensional compass to show detail, using completely offline without internet, top-down view showing the position of the sun and moon, and has a simple, user-friendly noted.

Some features of the Sun Surveyor Android:
✤ choice of different time zones identified by the user or automatically
✤ display the exact time of sunrise and sunset in detail
✤ Show information altitude, proportion shadow, rising moon and ...
✤ Having a beautiful three-dimensional compass for directions
✤ Nkan augmented reality to display the sun and the moon by the user through the camera
✤ View in the top down view of the sun and moon upon the map
✤ use completely online without having to hook information in the Internet
✤ Modern Language bolster for English, French, Italian, etc.

- sun surveyor sun moon for android wap.

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