Speed ​​Boat Parking 3D 2015 v1.0 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 22 + 30 MB
Category: Simulation

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Speed ​​Boat Parking 3D 2015 v1.0 + Data

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So far, various games upon the android-os operating system provided parking of vehicles for which we more or less have to introduce them in the post again, we intend to introduce 1 of the newest in this area.
Speed ​​Boat Parking 3D 2015 v1.0 is a new and fun game for android-os phones and Tablet is the first version released earlier by 8Ball Games studio and is available for unfetter by all users of Google was made. likable mostly another games in this game you have the task of passing motor boat routes specified in the specific areas of your park. The complexity of the gameplay is very familiar and very special. The difference is due to the presence of water upon boat control and asked for more skilled than games such as bus or truck parking will be a little more challenging. The game includes 5 different locations and has more than 60 fun levels that can be a good option to fill your leisure time.

Game Features Speed ​​Boat Parking 3D 2015:
Modern graphics and interesting
Physics simulation game elements
Having music listening
Having fun upon stage 60

- speed boat parking d data for android wap.

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