SOMA Messenger 1.0.7


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/21/2015 - 08:59
Size: 16.34 MB
Category: Communication

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SOMA Messenger 1.0.7

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SOMA Messenger 1.0.7 Instant Thirdly, the quickest IM world together infinite unfetter messages, phone calls and video calls HD. Vhmyshgy no annual fee, which can be a good alternative to WhatsApp chat together your friends group chat group video calls together up to 500 people in the program for unfetter in anywhere in the world ....

Some key software features and functionalities Soma SOMA Messenger Android:
▣ back 100% unfetter together no cost international image abroad even stunning HD quality
▣ send and receive SMS, pictures, voice memos in the context of data communication 3g, 4g or WiFi
▣ confirmation messages sent and received (DELIVERY CONFIRMATION)
▣ having very beautiful smiley (yellow Amvjyhay likable Yahoo Messenger)
▣ possible to create a group chat to chat together up to 500 rooms
▣ 100 percent unfetter and without annoying ads displayed indoors the application
▣ design and pleasant materials such as WhatsApp
▣ send instant messages to friends

- soma messenger for android wap.

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