Sobotta Anatomy Atlas v2.0.4 Full Unlocked + Data


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/03/2015 - 20:18
Size: 46 + 517 MB
Category: Tools

Download Sobotta Anatomy Atlas v2.0.4 Full Unlocked + Data Now
Sobotta Anatomy Atlas v2.0.4 Full Unlocked + Data

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The newest version of the $ 37 Sobotta Anatomy Atlas of Anatomy and dissection of the human body is completely unlocked together full data Offline

Completely unfetter and without getting any money in users :)

Program Sobotta Anatomy Atlas v2.0.4 Full Unlocked + Data based upon over 100 years of publishing anatomical accuracy - the easiest and mostly enjoyable way to learn and test your knowledge of human anatomy for medical students brings. Sobotta Anatomy Atlas is a human anatomy together great detail together more than 5,000 full picture of the human body. This application is 1 of the best atlas of human anatomy together more than 500,000 downloads in the world that is now available for Android. Sobotta Anatomy Atlas of Anatomy is a program designed to learn is by Professor doctor Jens Waschke and Professor doctor Friedrich Paulsen, two professors of human anatomy has been developed and tested.

• Basic anatomy and muscular system
• internal organs
• head, neck and neuroanatomy

Some Sobotta Anatomy Atlas android-os application features:
✔ More than 500 anatomical structure
✔ the best image quality and zoom
✔ Pop-up and describe the clinical remarks
✔ Education launched in anywhere
✔ 3 languages: English / English, English / Latin, German / Latin
✔ Fully Redesigned for android-os

Note :

The program comes complete data offline together all the features for unfetter for your constant companion upon android-os Goth is located.
Sobotta Anatomy android-os 4.x program requires at least 500 MB of space.

Tested devices:

Samsung Nexus S, android-os 4.1.2
LG Nexus 4, android-os 4.4.4
LG Nexus 5, android-os 4.4.2
Asus Nexus 7, android-os 4.2.2
Samsung Nexus 10, android-os 4.4.4
Samsung Galaxy S3, android-os 4.1.2 / 4.3
Samsung Galaxy S4, android-os 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, android-os 4.2.2
Sony Experia Z2, android-os 4.4.2

- sobotta anatomy atlas full unlocked data for android wap.

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