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Snapchat plan to enjoy a rapid and fun of mobile phone calls is that the former was released for IOS operating system and is now available for Android! together this app, by appealing a photo or video, add a title, and put it to a friend. They see it, they laugh and then it disappears in the screen Snap (and the person will be erased in the phone) - unless they take screenshots of your page!
together this program, users can capture a photo or video and then they add texts or drawings. Then you can send them to the list of recipients specified. The images and videos called "Snaps" is called. Users can specify a time range during which only the recipients can view the images. After the end of this time frame, the images is hidden in view recipients and servers SNAPCHAT also deleted.
You can also hook a touch, a Snap to share your day add to your subject.
The best conversations happen when both would be present. If you have both, you can chat face-to-face to share live video, press and hold the button to program a totally live video chat fun!
The Goth Android, this application is 1 you suggested.



error fixes and improvements to do Snapchat faster

- snapchat for android wap.

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