Smurfs' Village + Mod + data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 14 + 150 MB
Category: Simulation

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Smurfs' Village + Mod + data

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Smurfs' Village to Farsi (village Asmvrf) is incredibly beautiful game together great graphics in the style of games for android-os is a strategy where you build and manage the village, as good as leading figures likable Asmvrf Asmvrf you're lovely little animals .asmvrf tribe of blue. They is hostile to Gargaml. Gargaml their land is destroyed and it is your task to re-create. in this way you will help Asmvrf long-grandfather. This game is built upon Asmvrf cartoons. in this strategy game you can play together your favorite character. The Smurfs' Village you will have the role of agriculture in the production and sale of agricultural products and thereby earn the pay. The difference between this game and another games during processing products. Unlike another similar games that products come indoors seconds of action in the game a few minutes to ten minutes, depending upon the type of product required. This makes the game more attractive long time, and you will be entertained for weeks.

Some features of the game Smurfs' Village Android:
- do Asmvrf village together a variety of tools
- Asmvrf popular games such as Asmvrf Bababzrg, Asmvrf lazy, kids Asmvrf
- Asmvrfy buy berries in the game and speed up the growth of crops and villages
- Communicate together friends upon Facebook and send gifts to their village Asmvrfy
- Play offline, manage village anytime without having to connect to the Internet
- Small game or game play, Cooking Asmvrf gutty mix potions Asmvrf Bababzrg
- Have very high graphics together addictive gameplay to its low volume


Install and run the game:

- Install the game to download and install.
- Data download and decompress files and folders in the path com.capcom.smurfsandroid android-os / obb place.
- The run game.

- smurfs village a mod data for android wap.

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