Smart Screen On Off PRO v2.3


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Update: 06/02/2015 - 09:15
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Smart Screen On Off PRO v2.3

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Smart Screen upon Off PRO v2.3 name of an application for android-os phones and Tablet called by programmer Suriv published and available to users , Google has been made. As we is in the process, when the only way to clear the screen android-os device and enter the menu by pressing the power button only was possible. After a while the various companies it provides more options and define new standards in this area that they were based on, for example, by drawing upon the screen and drag upon the page double was the Andrvydy clear. All software companies have also introduced the use and Aplykyshnhayy can use another android-os hardware devices and turn them upon or off the page. Smart Screen upon Off PRO is 1 of these applications that can take advantage of a variety of sensors used in the phone or android-os tablet, as intelligent and automatically turn upon or off page do. For example, to install this app, you can just shake the device to turn upon or off your android-os screen. You can also switch or proximity sensor for auto turn-off to hook help, but this will be possible if you use the flip cover. in this case, by opening and closing the mask page has been turned upon it will automatically turn off the screen.
It is necessary to point out that the use of applications such as battery consumption, these applications for permanent use of sensors, which is usually increases the battery life of the basis of the company different devices. We recommend that you install and try, but if you feel increased battery life of your device, you first need to suspect that such is the program or similar programs.

Features Smart Screen upon Off PRO:
To shake off the page using the phone or tablet.
Ability to turn upon and off the page using the proximity sensor
Ability to turn upon and off the screen using Sensor attractions
Take off and touch the screen twice in a row Page
Having wide settings

- smart screen on off pro for android wap.

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