Smart AppLock Premium (App Protector) v6.6.3


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/07/2015 - 03:50
Size: 3.30 MB
Category: Tools

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Smart AppLock Premium (App Protector) v6.6.3

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If you need your programs is 1 of the best software to lock the Smart AppLock Premium (App Protector) v6.6.3 for you. You may have come much you need to hide or lock an application upon your phone. The software will do this for you. together this software, you can do your software to encrypt the password or pattern and easily guard them. Smart AppLock Premium software, which locks or protection of applications programs installed upon android-os phones is that you is protected by a password or pattern. The program can display brightness as good as rotate it to lock any application installed.
There is also buttons for eventual passwords. Also, if the program broke the lock and entered in, as long as the display is not turned off, you do not have to enter a lock. This also occurs for another applications. This means that if an application to open the lock, you do not have to enter the password again for another applications. Except when the display is turned off. Smart application Protector can define when the application lock. For example, you can set in 09:00 to 11:00 am.
Homesecreen widget and Backup and recovery is locked apps list, Supports 4 lock (gesture, pattern, numeric, alpha), showing false forced close up, opening the automatic lock upon WiFi, bolster for eventual passwords, control Remote Lock together SMS, the possibility of limiting efforts to unlock, lock the connector USB, locked outgoing calls, lock the data 3G, wireless lock, auto lock applications that is newly installed and ... another Services program.

- smart applock premium app protector for android wap.

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