Smart Alarm v2.0.8 build 95


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Smart Alarm v2.0.8 build 95

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Smart Alarm (Alarm Clock) v2.0.8 build 95 An alarm clock is a homely and very functional studio TanyuSoft. Use of this software is very easy! . You can not stop the alarm even if the alarm together snooze function (snooze) at the time you specify. Alarm can be set to repeat every week for selected days of the week. You can also use a background image that you use your device as a background for your application using the transparency setting.

Some of the features and characteristics of the Smart Alarm (Alarm Clock) Android:
▣ music files upon the SD card as ringtones
▣ have a gradual increase in noise and vibration alarm
▣ possible to resize the button to stop the alarm and snooze button to prevent incorrect handling
▣ Setting the alarm to stop by solving a math problem and enter the number upon the screen
▣ to customize the side key, back key and menu key to stop the alarm or nap or adjust the color of the alert sound Khhm
▣ possible to switch to enable / disable sound and vibration alarm in silent mode (silent)

- smart alarm build for android wap.

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