Sleep Better with Runtastic v1.0.4 Unlocked


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 26MB
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Sleep Better with Runtastic v1.0.4 Unlocked

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The Sleep Better together Runtastic v1.0.4 Unlocked Follow your dreams, your dreams upon your monitor, improve your sleep habits and better wake up. Sleep Better a homely way to improve sleep quality and attractive offers to you. If you're trying to go to sleep, or you need to understand how to return your daily activities affect your sleep, or you need a new warning track that day, after waking up feel just seize you!

understand sleep, phases of the moon follow a dream and sleep diary and note:
- Follow the duration of the sleep cycle, and your productivity together the touch of a button
- Use all the features of the track, even in airplane mode, simply by adjusting your device in your bed (beside your pillow)
- Development of a better understanding of light sleep, deep sleep and wake up in your bed time (time to sleep or waking up in the morning)
- Use Smart Alarm to wake up the perfect Personalized Wake-Up windows you
- Enjoy a variety of sounds the alarm and snooze functionality for a complete and personalized start your day
- Entering and changing daily habits, such as caffeine, exercise and stress level data to determine the effects of these variables upon the quality of your sleep
- Monitoring phases of the moon
- A book of dreams dream to understand the good, bad, or neutral
- couch down your feelings as part of their every waking Rvshanh Statistics
- Sleep History - Personal tracking log - in a clean and modern design, including daily statistics and overviews for longer periods of time (eg 1 week or month selected)
- Filter History Daily variables account for determining the best when you're asleep

- sleep better with runtastic unlocked for android wap.

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