Sleep as Android 20150410 build 1032


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 6 MB
Category: Personalization

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Sleep as Android 20150410 build 1032

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Sleep as android-os 20150410 build 1032 has been such a wonderful program that you have not seen it. It's the perfect addition to your sleep cycle alarm clock can record! in the morning as you wake up slowly. The program features are: complete recording sleep together charts, reports lack of sleep or deep sleep, natural alarm sound of birds and sea play a lullaby to sleep better and record your movements and sounds during sleep, such as snoring can be mentioned. We recommend this program does not miss!

Some of the features and functionality Sleep as android-os application android:
- Trace sleep or wake cycle Smart
- Sleep Chart History
- Statistics lack of sleep, deep sleep and snoring
- bolster for sleep tracking Pebble SmartWatch
- Social sharing ( Facebook , Twitter)
- Alerts gentle sounds of nature sounds (birds, sea, storm, etc.)
- Playlists Music Alarm
- Lullaby binaural sounds of nature sounds to fall asleep rapid
- together the confirmation code will not be left in sleep (math, counting sheep, shaking the phone, bathroom QR code or NFC tag)
- Recording of sleep talking, snoring anti snore detection

- sleep as android build for android wap.

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