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Update: 07/23/2015 - 03:51
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Skype - free IM & video calls

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Using Skype Skype - unfetter IM & video calls sure you know, the mostly popular Internet calling applications worldwide, presented plans for mostly platforms and over 500 million users. Skype is the mostly popular video call service which allows you to use the Internet to anyone who uses Skype video call you. The service upon computers, iPhones and another models can also use Microsoft's new version of software usability in landscape mode and you can have the best picture in your tablet and as Microsoft's own Live Messenger integration Skype Live Messenger service has been removed in the new version may login together your Microsoft account also gives users.

Some of the features of Skype android-os app:
find rapid friends and people who use Skype
Chat and unfetter calls
The ability to share photo
bolster for 3G and WiFi

Dear users:

Mode version of the android-os goth it first among all the sites you put Persian language, the ads inside the application has been removed completely.



A refreshed look of the application and more:
• "Recent" tab update to see more chats without scrolling
• Round avatars and online status information upon all screens
• Chat bubble color adjustment for added clarity
• another fixes and stability improvements

- skype free im ideo calls for android wap.

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