Silence Premium Do Not Disturb v2.9.6


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 1.04 MB
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Silence Premium Do Not Disturb v2.9.6

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Silence Premium do Not Disturb v2.9.6 is often at rest or quiet meetings have forgotten your phone or put it in the air. Silence Premium do Not Disturb can be adjusted by the user to automatically mute the phone at specific times and days of the completion of the timing of the return to the state. If you're memory will remember that before important meetings at work or in your sleep the silent mode, we recommend you do not miss the program. Just calendar and night mode enabled and will not need to mute your phone, controls volume stir debate.

It's a lot more than the do Not Disturb Mode Blocking Mode upon iPhone or Samsung offers:
✤ It can phone the night and / or during the time of giving, a quiet meeting or appointment calendar
✤ immediate Silent mode timer can be started together just 1 click
✤ instant timer can also be used by the widget bar size (volume bar) is activated
✤ This can be upon the phone all day and night to keep silent + vibration is completely silent
✤ The phone calls and notifications audible during quiet time, except for the alarm to sound
✤ day and night time schedules can be programmed separately for each day of the week
✤ Select the calendar is customizable, just off the busy events (Mute) is
✤ calendars is supported by Google calendars, Exchange
✤ exception of SMS and phone calls is supported while being silent
✤ You can separate groups of contacts to corrode at night and / or during the day to let
✤ to allow repeated calls in the same number, Emergency alarm enabled
✤ to block calls in contacts allowed during an important meeting, No Excepti

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