Shazam Encore v4.9.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 9.2MB
Category: Media & Video

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Shazam Encore v4.9.2

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Shazam is the best way to recognize music and TV. in seconds you'll discover
the title of any song or you'll hook information about the program you is watching:
Shazam touches to start the journey.

When you discover music together Shazam, you can easily:
• Feel a preview and buy songs upon Amazon or Google Play
• Singing time reading the texts in real time
• Share your discoveries upon social networks
• Watch music videos upon Youtube
• connect to Rdio to create a playlist of songs discoveries together Shazam,
or add songs to a playlist Rdio
• Read the suggestions of songs by another users
Not enough?
• Go upon to see all your history together Shazam;
access Facebook to start
• Check the news to find new videos, updates and more artists and TV programs
you discovered together Shazam; in addition, discover what publish together Shazam
• Explore shows trends in all over the world, and insights upon the local charts
• Buy tickets for the concerts of the artists you've discovered together Shazam
Use Shazam much as you want: unlimited.
The devices is not supported MIPS

Small error fixes.
You have questions? Check out the pages of the community upon and do not forget to follow us onshazam to be updated upon the latest news.
good Shazam!

- shazam encore for android wap.

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