SHAREit 3.0.8_ww


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/21/2015 - 08:58
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SHAREit 3.0.8_ww

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Finally, successful companies lenovo SHAREit 3.0.8_ww to transfer the software to build applications together incredible speed. Finally, using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and voice milk program and communicate the incredible speed of this software is so high that 50 MB in less than 5 seconds to transmit. This application claims that it can even large files such as video files you need in the shortest time possible upon a multi-gigabyte another android-os phone or your PC via a wireless connection wirelessly send. Software maker also claims it's the world's fastest data transfer and it has introduced The world's fastest way. But the first thing that attracted you to enter the software is the ability to select avatar (personal picture) for yourself and also super beautiful interface and user interface software.

Some SHAREit android-os application features:
User interface is very beautiful and pleasant interface
The ability to transmit anything (folders, photos, music, documents, contacts, etc.)
This software allows you to view all devices in range
Ability to send large files such as video at speeds 60 times faster than Bluetooth!
Without any cost and an internet connection
Ability to send your application via WiFi!
The ability to send group and supports up to 5 devices android-os
The ability to transfer files between the tablet and phone, phone and computer, tablet and tablet ...
And generally between android-os together android-os and android-os pc together pc and pc
find shareit devices automatically
Transfer large files at high speed
Transfer any files even together the desired folder
Performances together different languages ​​of the world


Version 3.0.8_ww:

error fixes.



To transfer using this popular application to this program upon both android-os phones to send and receive is going to be installed.

- shareit ww for android wap.

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