Screen Time Remote Control v2.1.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 4.37 MB
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Screen Time Remote Control v2.1.2

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Screen Time Remote Control v2.1.2 software enables you to easily manage upon your own children. in now upon you'll be able to have control over their children's work. It is sufficient to run this tool, and then install it upon your phone or tablet device to your baby. After some time you will notice that your child what a mobile phone and into which applications and indeed of which is used. The main feature of this application can be applied to the time limits for applications, user interfaces, stylish and child labor monitoring referred

Key Features Screen Time Remote Control:

✔ daily repetition time limit
Children spend too much time out of your phone or tablet? Screen Time has a non-invasive, homely timer that just works.

✔ Control Sleep
Blocking games during sleep, but the program allows you to study.

✔ control lights
Block all programs at bedtime

✔ control of the school
Blocking social programs and games, but to allow training programs during school hours.

✔ blocking children in remote machine
It is lunch time? Press a button upon your phone, and then use the devices your child ends. mostly do not beg, bribe or hook angry!

✔ reward your kids together bonus time for completing tasks
If you have children, you can easily arrange your room together the rewards of your device to reward them. Tasks and different things that you likable to add - your kids how to responsibly manage your time you will be amazed!

✔ monitoring moment
What did your child upon your device? Which sites he has visited? What's the plan? He spent mostly of his time which programs work? Follow his work upon the device itself.

✔ Blocker program
Complete block some programs. hook alerted every time your kids have installed a new program.

✔ Unable to delete the child
You will need to remove the password.

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