Screen Filter 1.3


Author: Ms. Yessenia Bechtelar
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Screen Filter 1.3

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Free download Screen Filter helps you to low your phone brightness at zero level, this filter app are free for android users and you have to install it manually by downloading the apk file from the given link below. You can now download Screen Filter for android 1.3 from the Google Play Store. you can also control the light of soft keys and adjust it manually, this release updates the UI of the app and also fix for android KitKat users. We have the Screen Filter 1.3 APK for download as well for those who can’t download from the Google Play Store. Download Screen Filter 1.3 APK: You can download the APK file of Screen Filter 1.3 from the link given below: NOTE: This app requires your android device to be atleast on android 1.6 and up for this app to work! Changes from Screen Filter 1.3.0: This are what the new Screen Filter 1.3 offers from this release: Fixes for KitKat Nicer status icon Updated UI theme Help translate this app into your language! Go here: Known issues: Clicking “install” from android Market/Google Play does not work when filter are on Soft-key backlight control does not work on all phones Brightness pulses slightly when switching activities As you can read above, lots of changes from this update. Which of these did you like the most? Let us know from the comments below! For those who make not know to install an APK manually, we have a tutorial for them on the next page. Screen Filter for android Features: Widgets: Easy access to preset brightness levels. - Tasker/Locale Plug-in! Set brightness based on time/place/etc. To disable, configure for 100% brightness. - Brightness slider uses logarithmic scale for fine-grained control. - Drag the app icon to your desktop to use for toggling on/off. - Prompts to confirm very low brightness settings.
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