S4 Water Pool PRO 1.82


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 15.80 MB
Category: Personalization

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S4 Water Pool PRO 1.82

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S4 Water Pool PRO 1.82 hottest, mostly beautiful and mostly fun in the pool water wallpaper Google is a bridge. S4 Water Pool PRO Live Wallpaper for your favorite water pond together fish and provides a variety of environments. The sound of water and interactive design the best possible hands is so beautiful Live wallpapers to give your phone. This wallpaper is designed in a way that is completely interactive together tap water ripple and you can do sense of excitement to all experience! Quite realistic fish movement and passage of green and yellow leaves upon the surface of the water, the beautiful scenes added. Live Wallpaper setting in S4 Water Pool, choice of colors, designs and floor floating dock and fish in there.

Some features of the S4 Water Pool PRO android-os wallpaper:
Choice of mosaics, stone floor and bed to the floor of the pool
9 having a different and very beautiful fish selectable by user
Having various ponds and beautiful
Set of wave power to select low, medium and high
Set the radius of the waves together a choice of low, medium and high
Leaves and plants to add to the pool for more beauty
Raindrops falling upon the water for a beautiful show
Shadows of plants and fish to enhance the effects of water
Optimized for tablets and smartphones are

- s water pool pro for android wap.

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