S -Tools - Super tools 1.7


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 6.44 MB
Category: Tools

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S -Tools - Super tools 1.7

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S-Tools -Super tools- 1.7 software is a very interesting and Jrfh for measurements of objects around you that the android-os device has been released. S-Tools allows you to measure length, angle, or whatever easily and hook together just a few clicks. If you measure the height of a hundred people or you have this software upon top of android-os you use it. Measurement, curves, triangles, ovals, humans and a variety of objects to be able to do things that android-os Mobile Application. The application has two inches and cm measurements. Just by touching the screen together your fingers or stylus smart phone, you can measure anything. (Support Spen)

* Units (inches, cm)
in "Measure real length MODE" (a measure of the actual level), the need for the reference object (such as a credit card, CD, A4 paper, etc.)
* Next update (version 2.0): measuring the area, notes

- s tools super tools for android wap.

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