Root Task Manager FULL v1.6.5


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/26/2015 - 00:04
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Root Task Manager FULL v1.6.5

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Root Task administrator FULL v1.6.5 to speed up, clean up and optimize your device will help. As you drop in flow rate and rapid decrease in battery after the use of phones and tablets, something that multiple users have been faced together multiple users request their solution, in these cases, you must reduce consumption and use task administrator apps. By this app, you can greatly reduce your battery and your phone's speed higher. Unlike any another task, rooted Task administrator can perform user or system services, applications background and foreground processes that you can easily manage multiple rooted commands and options unique upon email .

Can be used for better game experience and the implementation of the program to be used without delay.
Set a higher priority for the task. Enough memory task that needs to hook out and never by the android-os operating system will not be killed. If you need to increase the rate of duty has been used repeatedly, you can use this option.

Save battery:
It's even used in laptops, use the hibernation feature, you can optimize your battery to reduce consumption. RAM Cleaner features that can be occupied Rome and named it as the mostly important factor because the speed loss Ram directly affect the processing speed and improvement and liberalization of this field is very important.

Cleaner Rome - Killer:
Helps you to clean up memory.

Remove Programs:
This is the mostly important feature of this program together optimization capabilities embedded, by the two parts can hold and manage programs and remove them without leaving the application in full and additional files after installation delete.

Off program:
Disable unwanted programs installed upon the system and the performance of the battery and helps to drain.

in launching programs to factory settings to help you.
All application data (cache files, folders) to remove it.

- root task manager full for android wap.

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