Resource Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.113


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/13/2015 - 19:00
Size: 0.551 MB
Category: Tools

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Resource Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.113

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Resource Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.113 a small resource monitor for your phone. together this program you can easily use the CPU and memory performance upon your android-os device's screen view. For example, this allows you to monitor your android-os device placed in the corners of the screen and customize the color and transparency index. in this way, you can manage your smart phone together live resource consumption statistics, just likable what you do upon your computer! Pro version displays CPU usage, temperature CPU, CPU frequency, RAM available, and informing the memory view (4.1 or higher) support. It is also without advertising. android-os to run multiple applications at the same time support. Sometimes it may slow your phone is, why it is that multiple resources is in use. android-os Statistics resources (free memory and CPU consumption) does not show upon the screen. Mobile delay is very common, just because you do not understand the limits of your phone. Resource Monitor Mini Pro is designed for this purpose and will help in this regard.

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