Rally Racer Dirt 1.2.6


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/15/2015 - 04:14
Size: 46.78 MB
Category: Racing

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Rally Racer Dirt 1.2.6

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Rally Racer Dirt 1.2.6 is a fascinating and exciting racing for android-os phones and tablets by the Turkish studio sbkgames published and is available to users. in this game you enter exciting contests and rally and drift likable the real world in a variety of dirt paths, asphalt and so have to compete. Developers of simulation and realistic control set cars and in accordance together the highest standards of practice have stone all while experiencing it more likely you will be amazed. The game's graphics is very satisfied compared to its size and high details. likable mostly of today's games in the game's upgrade system, which is based upon the progress in the game you will be able to see tuning and strengthening bigger cars.
Three modes to entertain you in this game is intended to include survival, challenge and realtime multiplayer. The challenge you have participated in 30 different challenges and come out of all of them proud. You should exercise in survival mode drift and drive rapid as you can through the Czech more points and earn the mostly points possible. Realtime multiplayer mode still be able to race together another users and friends.

Characteristics of the game Rally Racer Dirt:
▣ different modes to play
▣ There is 8 different cars
▣ possibility of strengthening and tuning various parts of vehicles
▣ There is 3 exciting path
▣ different levels along the tracks (sand, dirt, asphalt, etc.)
▣ different characteristics and unique cars
▣ good graphics

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