Quick Reply for Pushbullet v1.0.3


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 4.2MB
Category: Other

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Quick Reply for Pushbullet v1.0.3

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Note: Your phone must be rooted together latest version of BusyBox installed
(If you had already purchased Quick Reply, (before its Google Play removal)
-- Purchase it again
-- Send me order details of old and new purchase
-- I'll refund old purchase)

For all Pushbullet lovers... Why just hook notified for a Whatsapp message when you can reply to them instantly!

Quick Reply is a Pushbullet extension that allows to quickly reply to a Whatsapp in your computer by just clicking upon the report upon your PC. This’ll open a little window for your reply, it’s that easy!

-- A complete Phone unfetter experience, no more touching your phone every time you hook a Whatsapp message.
-- Reply to Whatsapp messages quickly together your PC / Laptop keyboard convenience
-- It supports Pushbullet - Chrome plugin, Firefox plugin and Windows application.
-- High Whatsapp integration together Group and Private conversation replies, Profile Picture support, etc.
-- Easy to configure together beautiful setup upon startup.
-- report API for android-os 4.3+, Accessibility Service for lower versions.

- quick reply for pushbullet for android wap.

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